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Adding Retirement:


Easy 401(k) plans start with
Multiple Employer Plan

Why helping employees plan for their retirement is important

Employees need the opportunity to plan for retirement. You need the control and flexibility of a 401(k) – but without the administrative paperwork and fiduciary responsibilities.

A Multiple Employer 401(k) Plan is the perfect solution to managing a 401(k). As a small employer, you'll join hundreds of other businesses sharing in the costs of plan management. Plus you maintain full control of the plan and any match you might provide.
If you are a small to mid-sized company with a 401(k), you are probably paying higher fees for a stand-alone plan because of your lower plan assets. By joining a MEP, the small employer takes advantage of the entire pool of employers' funds whose asset size increases scale and lowers admin fees.
Working with Benefits Redesigned, you'll have a Compliance 401(k) MEP that performs 95% of all administrative and fiduciary tasks within the plan.


And our Compliance 401(k) administrator takes on the highest level of 401(k) plan fiduciary liability by serving as the ERISA 402(a) Named Fiduciary for the MEP.


A Multiple Employer Plan is an innovative 401(k) Plan aggregate approach, powered by Ameritas®, supported by EGPS, Mesirow Financial,  Stadion Financial and Benefits Redesigned.

Why add a 401(k)?

Managing a 401(k) plan yourself is time-consuming and makes you legally responsible for the plan.

401(k) Advantages

A 401(k) plan can either be pre-tax or it can be post-tax deductions depending on how we setup the plan.

401(k) Enrollment

Employees want help with their 401(k) plan, not only at retirement, but throughout the plan year. We are here for them.


Unlike other retirement plan options, a 401(k) has flexibility for contributions based on your plan setup.

Buried in Paperwork

Managing a 401(k) yourself is time consuming and makes you legally responsible.

Rules & Regulations

With a Multiple Employer Plan, your plan administrator handles all rules and regulations related to the 401(k).

The key difference between a Multiple Employer 401(k) Plan (MEP), as shown in the video above, to a Traditional 401(k), as shown in the video below, is the responsibility for the plan. A MEP puts the fiduciary responsibility (and most of the administration work) on the plan organizer, not on the employer.

Financial Wellness for Employees Through Retirement Plans

Financial Wellness for Employees Through Retirement Plans

For business owner, Corry Lawler, providing financial wellness for employees was a priority since day one. Corry is the chief executive officer of a general, all-purpose construction firm located in Sackets Harbor, New York. Lawman Heating and Cooling, Inc. was founded and run by Corry’s father, Mike Lawler and his partner, Ray Chapman. Corry recalls a meaningful memory when he knew he wanted to run his father’s growing business. As a teenager working in the office sweeping floors, Corry saw his father help an employee struggling to make ends meet before his next paycheck. Mike gave the employee $100 out of his own pocket. This same memory would eventually define Corry’s own leadership style. “From that point in time, I wanted to be that guy,” explains Corry. “I wanted to be the guy that helped the culture of the company and takes care of the men. That’s where my philosophy really started. If you take care of the men and the people that work for the company, the rest of it will take care of itself.” When Corry filled his father’s role as CEO of Lawman Heating & Cooling, Inc., business benefits planning became Corry’s top priority to take care of his team. Corry worked with financial professional, Kim Allen, LUTCF, of United Professional Advisors and Ameritas to create a retirement benefits package that would replace their outdated pension program with a modern 401(k) plan. “Partnering with Kim and the Ameritas team has been really beneficial,” said Christa Eisel, controller at Lawman Heating and Cooling, Inc. “Benefits are such an important part of any kind of employment. I think employees start to see now that it really makes a difference having a team in place that has their best interests at heart.” Having a comprehensive retirement savings program also assists with Lawman Heating and Cooling, Inc.’s employee retention strategies. With a shortage of skilled tradesmen, recruiting and retaining in the construction field is difficult. Corry understood a robust retirement plan shows employees the company is invested for the long-haul. Employee retirement education was a vital part of this process, too. Not only did Corry want to provide his team with the right plan, he also wanted to increase employee financial literacy. “When Kim took over our plan he really helped me with the culture and really explained to them [employees], this is what you can do, this is for your future.” Ameritas is proud to be a part of this fulfilling life story for Corry Lawler and the whole Lawman team. Our Story: Learn More:

Adding a retirement plan can be easy.
Let us show you how.

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