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The future of benefits is getting more for less

​85% of employers are overpaying for their employee’s benefits. This short video could save you thousands of dollars.

Start saving up to 30% on your costs. Schedule a free 15 minute review with one of our benefit strategists now.

If we can’t save you money then we will make a donation on your behalf to your favorite local charity or give you a $100 Amazon gift card. 

We customize a plan to save you the most money possible - while still providing similar or better benefits for your employees. We have plans that allow you to get money back at the end of the year. This is why so many companies have decided to partner with us.

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Start saving time and money, which are your two most valuable resources.

Know exactly what your costs are each year so you can finally feel like you're back in control to focus on what matters most - growing your business. 

And if we can’t save you money then we will give you a $100 Amazon gift card, or make a donation on your behalf to your favorite local charity. 

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Select a time on the calendar to set up a 15 minute review to make sure you are saving the most money possible.

Exploratio Call

Disclaimer: To qualify for the $100 Amazon gift card or Charitable Donation: 
1. You must provide the following information so we can produce a quote: employee census, current carrier bill and company information. If you don't have a current plan in place we can help implement one!
2. After the custom plan is produced, Benefits Redesigned will meet with the decision maker to present findings. 

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