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Take Control of Your Benefit Costs

Offering employee benefits can be one of the biggest expenses impacting your bottom line. ICHRA may be a solution! It works best for employers with less than 50 full-time employees – or can be implemented just for part-time, seasonal, 1099 or multi-state employees.

Most agents don't know how to implement this specialty plan!

Small businesses like yours are taking control of their healthcare costs with an ICHRA plan – and providing their employees with more flexibility in choosing a health plan that works for them.

ICHRA Changes the Marketplace

Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement
That's a mouthful. Now you can see why we prefer to call it ICHRA (pronounced "ick - rah").



Cost & Risks


One of ICHRA'S main benefits is knowing your set costs year after year. No more worrying about annual health plan increases that always seem to go up … and up … every year.

We will work with you to design a custom plan that will provide affordable health insurance for your team – you can even combine an ICHRA plan with a group health plan.



The amount of time involved to choose and manage a health care plan can be significant. The services we offer take this burden off your shoulders. You have better things to do … like run your company!

Tax Benefits


Plan Choice


The allowance is tax-reducing for your company. If you have less than 50 employees, the employees may even qualify for a tax subsidy in lieu of the allowance!

Employees choose a plan and network that works best for them. Our easy online portal makes the enrollment process simple and quick.

Managing and providing a health insurance plan can be complicated. Our ICHRA administration makes it simple and keeps you compliant.



Maintaining your company's health benefits can be overwhelming.
Let us take that burden off your shoulders.
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ICHRA Trends

...CFOs are considering ICHRAs for their employees, according to the Willis Towers Watson Healthcare survey in 2023.

...until ICHRA plans outpace group health plans, according to CMS.

...of organizations worried about losing talent because of their benefits package. (Payscale 2022)

...employees will shift out of group health insurance by 2024. (Department of Labor)

...companies will offer ICHRA plans in the next several years, according to the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

...employees expected to be covered by ICHRA plans within the next few years, according to DHHS.

...of part-time workers don’t have healthcare coverage – but could easily be added to a company’s ICHRA.


Are you missing out on any Premium Tax Credits?
Let us take a look and see if ICHRA is the right fit for your company.


We are so grateful to Benefits Redesigned for showing us how to get tax credits that totaled over $48,000 that paid for most of our employees health insurance. This has helped us so much with hiring and retention. We’re so happy they told us about this plan!
-Kayo, Uroko Sushi


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