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The future of benefits is
getting more for less

You can have great
benefits that create
a happy,
workforce –
without breaking
the company budget.


We partnered with Benefits Redesigned 3 years ago. At that time we only had 8 employees and one HR manager. Today we have over 103 employees - and still only have one HR manager.  At the size we are now, we should have five in our HR department. They have saved us over $200k a year in HR salaries. We highly recommend them! 
-Jannice, AIMM


Start saving up to 30% on your costs. Schedule a free 15 minute review with one of our Benefit Strategists now.

85% of employers are overpaying for their employee’s benefits. This short video could save you thousands of dollars.

A few of our happy clients 

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What makes us different



We customize a plan for you and explore options like annual premium refund or using tax credits to pay for your employees benefits with little to no out of pocket cost. 

Save More.

We can usually save you up to 30% on your costs by “redesigning” how we offer benefits to your employees and still provide a similar or better plan.


If we can’t save you money then we will make a donation on your behalf to your favorite local charity or give you a $100 Amazon gift card. 

YES! I'm ready to start getting better benefits for less.
We know benefit costs take a big bite out of your profits. Let's talk about exciting new ways to provide benefits that won't drain the budget and yet still provide optimal healthcare to your employees.
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