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Group Health

Offering your employees health insurance with low deductibles and complete coverage doesn't have to be expensive.

New hybrid health insurance plans give the employer control over plan design, contains costs with a consistent monthly premium, and provides return-of-premium for any unused health insurance claims.

Ask us about Hybrid plans that include Open Networks – where employees aren't locked into one hospital group. Compared to another major carrier's Open Network plans, our Open Network premiums are running 33% lower in costs annually – ask for a comparison quote today!

Claim Refunds Help with Costs

Hybrid refers to a semi-self funded plan, where the employer pays a monthly premium based on estimated costs for insuring the employees. A traditional insurance group plan also has consistent premiums, but whatever is not used on healthcare stays with the carrier. Hybrids return unused claim funds back to the employer after the plan year-end run-out.

Last year, one of our Hybrid carriers refunded back a share of premium for almost 60% of their groups! If your group's claims are lower than the balance in your claims account, you receive your unused portion back at the close of the year. Group claims are based on usage by the employees and medical costs for that plan year.

Day-to-day administration of your self-funded, hybrid plan is handled for you, including claim payments and customer service. From your employee's perspective, their benefits look like any traditional health insurance plan. (Only you know the difference!) And Benefits Redesigned handles all enrollment and employee service for you.

PreTax Benefits

Benefits Redesigned will set up a pre-tax cafeteria plan (Section 125) so that your employee deductions will be handled before they are taxed. This reduces the cost of the insurance for the employee and saves the employer on matching FICA. See our video below for more information on tax benefits.

Full Disclosure

Are your employees using their health insurance? What types of claims are filed most often? Should you put in some wellness initiatives to improve the health of your group? If you have a traditional health insurance plan, you can't answer these questions -- only self-funded plans report back on how the plan is used by employees.

Predictable Payments

With a Hybrid plan brought to you by Benefits Redesigned, you are assured that the premium you expected is the premium you get, every month during the plan year. So no matter what happens to claims during the year, your premium remains the same. Consistent and predictable, always.

Open Networks:
Affordable Coverage for Everyone

"Open Networks" allow employees to see any physician or hospital of their choice, anywhere in the U.S.

Open Networks are ideal for companies with multiple hospital networks or where employees are scattered across different counties or states.


Hybrid over Traditional

Easy Plan Management



Open network gives employees access to multiple hospital and physician networks - even out of state. There is no "out of network" coverage limits. 

Maintaining your company's health benefits can be overwhelming.
Let us take that burden off your shoulders.
Click Here to learn more.

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