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Benefits+ Completes
Your Health Plan

With Benefits+, you can help protect your employees by including insurance like dental, vision, life, accident, critical illness and hospital stay protection.
Most employers provide Benefits+ as an incentive for enrollment and they cover the cost of the additional benefits – or they may match employee dollars up to a set amount.

Grouped Benefit Package

With Benefits+ group voluntary plans, we've selected the top three voluntary benefits and grouped them into one package. Adding them to your benefit program is easy – and managed entirely by Benefits Redesigned.

Benefits+ Package Options

Option 1: Full Protection

Selecting Full Protection means you will work with Benefits Redesigned to create an insurance package that includes dental, vision, group life, accident, critical illness, and hospital coverage. The company sets a budget per employee. Estimated package cost: $120 per month for employee-only, six policies.

Option 2: Company Match

Provide all employees with the option to add Benefits+ insurance protection via a company match. You set the company budget for the match, the employee picks the protection they want. As an example, a $30 match would mean the company will match up to $30 in premium dollar-for-dollar on what they employee spends.

Option Three: Dental, Vision & Life

Dental, vision and group life are three of our most-requested benefit add-ons. Budget estimate would be $38 per month per employee for employee only coverage. Employees can add spouse and/or dependents to any of the Benefits+ packages.

What is Benefits+
Benefit Plus Package Options
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We Design Benefits+

to Meet Your Company Objectives.

Let's Discuss How It's Done.

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