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  • Janet Michel

Best of Remote Work: Lessons Learned

Let's face it, working all bunched-up together in small cubicles may just be a thing of the past for office workers. Covid brought in a new era of workforce (the remote worker) and legitimized it. Now human resource managers across the country are figuring out how to handle these remote workers post-pandemic.

For some of our clients, moving to a remote workforce proved highly successful. We did it here at Benefits Redesigned. Our lease was $3,500 a month prior to Covid. Now we pay each remote worker a stipend toward their internet, electricity and phone adding up to 14% of our previous office expense.

Do we like remote working? Yes and no. As the owner, it's harder to know what employees are doing throughout the work day – but there are tools to help with that uncertainty. We've also had our share of gaffs -- where the family dog, toddler, cleaning lady and even pest control guy all spilled into the background on webinars.

How is your remote working experience meeting expectations?

If you'd like to see the latest "handbook" for remote workers, download our free 16 page guide HERE.

Working from home
Working from home is the new normal.

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